Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine's patterns and spring time lace knit and crochet patterns

With the weather just beginning to warm up in Kansas, I thought I would do a post on some of the wonderful knit and crochet patterns I have available for the spring.  Because it is just starting to warm up, there are a lot of times a beautiful wrap is just the needed accessory to stay warm.

One of my favorite designs is this lovely knitted lacy wrap called Pretty in Hearts.  Made in colors of your choosing, it works up quickly.
Another exquisite wrap design, that is a little more difficult because it involves nupps, but just as great for staying warm on cool nights is my 2 hearts together wrap.  My pattern have all been tested by others and include picture tutorials of stitches.  This pattern also includes instructions on how to make it without the nupps.
I also made a scarf for lace knitters who love the iris flower.  This delightful scarf will provide warmth around the neck and head with the promise of spring coming.
If you would like to get this beautiful scarf already made using Merino wool (a very soft wool) and silk, I have it my etsy shop. AndersonsCreations.etsy.com
I love knitted lace designs.  I also love to crochet.  I have many different patterns that would work well with the Valentine's Day or a spring time theme.
One of my favorite items in my own home in the winter time is my sun catchers in the window of my kitchen.  It catches the winter sun shining through the prism and creates rainbows all over the walls.  Here is the pattern for my sun catcher.
If you would like to buy this premade you can find it in this link.AndersonsCreations.etsy.com.
If you love doilies as much as I do you will love this pattern.  The doily will add that special touch to any display you have in your home.
If you would prefer to buy it ready made it can be found here.  AndersonsCreations.etsy.com
Of course, I had to make a story bookmark to celebrate Valentine's day.  Here are two patterns that can be made for Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy lovers the world over.
I couldn't leave Raggedy Andy out, so here is what this bookmark looks like.
Naturally, they gave each other heart shape Valentine's. 

My husband and I got married in February and so beside Valentine's Day this time of year is very special to us.  What do you like about this time of year?