Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mother's Day gift ideas in thread crochet, modified clones knot tutorial

I was asked to make my columbine barrettes available at AndersonsCreations on Etsy into a bookmark for a Mother's Day gift.  Of course, I thought that is a pattern that would work up quickly and other people who crochet with thread would love to make for themselves and their mothers.  My pattern testers said that it only took them about 4 or 5 hours to crochet.  This pattern is set for a skill level of intermediate to advanced.

This is mainly because of the modified clones knot I used for the stamen.  I called it 3hdcCL stitch and I thought I would do a tutorial on how the make this stitch.  It is worked a little differently from most stitches in that it is worked around a chain and not in the chain. The pattern calls for a chain of a certain number and then a half double crochet (U.S. crochet term) in the 2nd chain from the hook.  This anchors the clones knot.

To make the modified clones knot, (simply wrap the thread around your hook once and around the chain) 3 times, yarn over and pull the thread through all wraps at once.
 Slip stitch to close 3hdcCL (modified clones knot). These stitches will stay at the top of the chain.

After that is made, the pattern says to make a number of  single crochet stitches around (not in) the chain left down to the center of the flower. This packs all the stitches on the chain which makes it really stiff so that it will stand up.
I really love how this pattern came out.  If you don't enjoy thread crochet I have two different versions of this bookmark in my shop already made for you to buy.

I am also happy to make a bookmark in any columbine combination of colors that you love.  Just push the "ask a question" button on the side of my Etsy page and I will make it for you in the colors you want. However, I can't promise they will be done by Mother's Day of this year as I am already working on a number of orders to get out.

The pattern to make your own columbine bookmark in the colors you chose is can be found using the "buy now" button at the right of this post or at LoisLeigh's Ravelry store.  This pattern will be available by tomorrow at AndersonsCreations. Etsy.

I have also designed a choker using this glorious flower. A blue and white columbine choker already made for you.
It has a crochet tie closer at the back so that it will fit most neck sizes.  dark columbine choker
If you would like to make your own with the colors you chose the pattern can be found using the "buy now" button on the right or at LoisLeigh Ravelry shop, AndersonsCreations on Etsy or Lois Leigh's Creations on Craftsy

I have always found flowers to be a great source of inspiration.  The biggest issue is how to translate that into crochet.  I hope this tutorial helps in making this amazing flower for your own columbine creations.