Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mother's Day gift ideas in thread crochet, modified clones knot tutorial

I was asked to make my columbine barrettes available at AndersonsCreations on Etsy into a bookmark for a Mother's Day gift.  Of course, I thought that is a pattern that would work up quickly and other people who crochet with thread would love to make for themselves and their mothers.  My pattern testers said that it only took them about 4 or 5 hours to crochet.  This pattern is set for a skill level of intermediate to advanced.

This is mainly because of the modified clones knot I used for the stamen.  I called it 3hdcCL stitch and I thought I would do a tutorial on how the make this stitch.  It is worked a little differently from most stitches in that it is worked around a chain and not in the chain. The pattern calls for a chain of a certain number and then a half double crochet (U.S. crochet term) in the 2nd chain from the hook.  This anchors the clones knot.

To make the modified clones knot, (simply wrap the thread around your hook once and around the chain) 3 times, yarn over and pull the thread through all wraps at once.
 Slip stitch to close 3hdcCL (modified clones knot). These stitches will stay at the top of the chain.

After that is made, the pattern says to make a number of  single crochet stitches around (not in) the chain left down to the center of the flower. This packs all the stitches on the chain which makes it really stiff so that it will stand up.
I really love how this pattern came out.  If you don't enjoy thread crochet I have two different versions of this bookmark in my shop already made for you to buy.

I am also happy to make a bookmark in any columbine combination of colors that you love.  Just push the "ask a question" button on the side of my Etsy page and I will make it for you in the colors you want. However, I can't promise they will be done by Mother's Day of this year as I am already working on a number of orders to get out.

The pattern to make your own columbine bookmark in the colors you chose is can be found using the "buy now" button at the right of this post or at LoisLeigh's Ravelry store.  This pattern will be available by tomorrow at AndersonsCreations. Etsy.

I have also designed a choker using this glorious flower. A blue and white columbine choker already made for you.
It has a crochet tie closer at the back so that it will fit most neck sizes.  dark columbine choker
If you would like to make your own with the colors you chose the pattern can be found using the "buy now" button on the right or at LoisLeigh Ravelry shop, AndersonsCreations on Etsy or Lois Leigh's Creations on Craftsy

I have always found flowers to be a great source of inspiration.  The biggest issue is how to translate that into crochet.  I hope this tutorial helps in making this amazing flower for your own columbine creations.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March and springtime knit and crochet

Spring is almost here in Kansas.  March can be an early spring a little further North of us but we are seeing Daffodils bloom here in Kansas.  One of my springtime designs is inspired by these wonderful flowers.  This daffodil fairy bookmark or decoration is so bright and cheerful, just like the flowers.
She is available to buy at AndersonsCreations on etsy.  For thread crochet folks who would like to try a pattern that is a little more challenging you can buy the pattern using the "buy now" button on the right or at my craftsy store or if you are across 'the big pond,' you can find it at my lovecrochet store.

I have been asked to make a Poppy Fairy and so I am currently working on that one.  It is so much fun to come up with new designs trying to make crochet stitches that end up looking like the wonders that God has around us everyday.

Another fun design that is perfect for March is my lucky Irish leprechaun.  He is holding his pot of gold and has a lucky 4-leafed shamrock on his hit.  He can be used as a bookmark or decoration to take the 'luck of the Irish with you wherever you go.  You will find him at my etsy shop.
 The pattern works up quickly and easily.  His pattern is found under crochet patterns at my Etsy shop or by using the "buy now" button on the right or at any of my online stores.  What a great gift for anyone who wants to celebrate their Irish heritage.

With the warming temperatures during the day, the morning and evenings can still be chilly.  I grew up in the southwest and ponchos were normal sweater attire.  I designed the Majestic Queen of Hearts pattern for my oldest daughter who loves anything with hearts. 

Now I wanted to design a poncho for my youngest daughter.  She loves plants and I thought what better way to celebrate that love then with a leafy poncho.
I used Moreno and silk wool to put in AndersonCreations on Etsy.  The pattern is made using two lace panels that are sewn together and has a simple cable to separate the leaf patterns.  It works up quickly and is such a fun look.  I love ponchos because they fit everyone.

I thought for my daughter, since she has three preschoolers, I would make hers using a different yarn.  I made a huge mistake in doing this.  Using different yarns on my patterns works well but the gauge needs to be considered in doing this.  The Moreno and silk yarn was a Sport weight and the Pima Cotton yarn I wanted to use for her was a DK weight.  I made the poncho with the DK weight and it came out so big that it didn't want to stay on her shoulders.  I am embarrassed to admit that I could make such a basic error but I did.  I had to take the whole poncho out and re-knit it using smaller needles to get the correct gauge. Proof that when making a garment, it is always a good idea to swatch to get the right gauge.

One of my pattern testers for this delightfully fun knit used an Aran weight yarn and it came out beautifully when she used smaller needles. The pattern is now available under knit patterns at my Etsy shop, or by using the 'buy now' button on the right.  It can also be purchased at LoisLeigh Ravelry shop, on LoisLeigh's Creations at Craftsy or at

March is a fun time of me with a birthday for my dear husband and my youngest sister. I love coming up with new a different ideas for them both.  What do you like about March and early spring?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Winter and Holiday knit and crochet designs

I love winter and this year it feels like it is just not going to come to Kansas.  I decided to have an early holiday sale at AndersonsCreations on Etsy with free shipping in the U.S.  Do you long for snow and it just won't cooperate?  Here are 3 snow icicle decorations that would look wonderful on a tree or wreath or any display that needs that winter look.
If you would like to make your crochet icicles click on the 'buy now' button on the right, or at LoisLeigh's Ravelry store, or AndersonsCreations on Etsy, or my loveCrochet site for folks that have VAT taxes.
Are you looking for that perfect shrug, cardigan or sweater that will add elegance and flair to any outfit?  I have 3 sizes already hand knit for you with free U.S. shipping made of soft Merino wool and silk. 
Are you looking for a warm poncho to throw on for added warmth?  This poncho is made with the same exquisite yarn and will ship to you for free in the United States. 
 Would you like to knit either of these pattern for your self using the yarn you prefer?  The patterns are available, using the 'buy now' button on the right, or at AndersonsCreations knitting pattern on Etsy, on LoisLeigh's Ravelry shop lace-knit-bundle.
Are you looking for some fingerless gloves for the man in your life?  These gloves are hand knit for you, using cotton and tencel for ease of washing.  My husband loves to use the pair I made for him so that he can still feel for areas that need to be sanded in his woodworking shop.  These also have free shipping in the U.S. and are already made for you in a Rust color.
If you would like to make your own pair out of yarn you prefer to use, the pattern is available by using the 'buy now' button on the right.  This pattern is also available in my Etsy shop or at Craftsy shop or Ravelry shop scarves--gloves along with some other scarves and fingerless gloves pattern.
Do you love crochet art?  There is free shipping in the United States on all my crochet wall hangings.
The patterns for all of these holiday décor are available by using the 'buy now' button on the right or at or at LoisLeigh's Ravelry shop
I hope this early holiday sale helps you feel like winter is coming and gives you a chance to buy an item that you have wanted all year long.


Friday, October 14, 2016

New Halloween decoration

Halloween is almost upon us.  As a mother, this was always a fun time of year for my children and I.  When they got older, they would go to a local vintage shop and buy pieces of clothing that they would work into a costume.  They would start with an idea of what they wanted to go as and then work on these projects after school for at least a month before hand.

I was recently asked to make a bookmark that looked like the "wicked witch of the west" and one that looked like Glinda the good witch.

I  have got the wicked witch of the west done for anyone who would like a special gift for a Halloween party or a Halloween decoration that no one else has.

She would look wonderful in a Halloween wreath or wall decoration.  She can be found at AndersonsCreations on Etsy.  I like how she came out.  The pattern is not available yet. I am currently working on Glinda.
I already had made many of the characters of the wizard of Oz.  I live in Kansas and these seemed like fun reading characters for my shop.
If you would like this bookmark already made for you, you will find it in my Etsy shop.  The thread crochet pattern to make you own can be found here on Etsy or click the "buy now" button on the right.  I also have the pattern in my LoveCrochet shop
 Here is a link to the actual bookmark already made for you in my Etsy shop.  If you would like to make this thread crochet pattern, use the "buy now" button at the right or it can be found at Lovecrochet and on Craftsy.

 This is my version of the Scarecrow that I have made for you in AndersonsCreations on Etsy.  The pattern to make your own is available from the button on the right or at Craftsy or Lovecrochet.
My Tin Man bookmark can be found at Etsy.  If you would like to make this pattern for yourself, use the "buy now" button or, if you would rather, it is available at Lovecrochet or on Craftsy.
All four patterns can be bought at once at my Etsy shop for a reduce price if you would like to make them all.
Halloween is a fun time of year for kids of all ages don't you think?  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Warm and fashionable lace knit accessories for fall

With cooler weather coming to Kansas, my thoughts always turn to knitted lace as a way to stay warm on cooler evenings and morning.  I love to knit with Merino wool blends because this wool is as soft as cotton with the added warmth of wool.  Alpaca is also warm and can be soft but needs to be blended as it has a stretch factor without a blend of silk. merino wool, or angora to keep that from happening.

My newest design is made using a Merino and silk blend with Cascade's yarn called  Venezia Sport.  Ponchos are so versatile and easy to throw on for added warmth.
If you don't want to make it yourself from a pattern, this delightful poncho is available to buy at my Etsy shop and is made with this wonderful yarn.  The pattern can be made with any yarn that is of similar weight and works up quickly and easily.  The pattern is available at my Etsy shop.  The pattern is also on LoisLeigh Ravelry shop, or use the buy now button on the right. LoisLeigh's Creations on Craftsy has my pattern for sale.  If you are from Canada or anywhere in the European Union, you will find it at LoveKnitting.

Do you like wraps or shawls as much as I do?  They add that touch of elegance to any outfit and work up quickly.  This pattern uses Kid Seta Lace weight or any lace weight yarn and is wonderfully soft and lightweight.
The pattern can be found at AndersonsCreations on Etsy.  It is also available on LoisLeigh Ravelry shop or use the "buy now" button on the right.  You will also find this pattern at LoisLeigh Creation on Craftsy or on Loveknitting European buyers.

Do you love to make scarves to keep the cold out?  This scarf was created with the love of evergreens that keep winter green.  This scarf can be made into a hooded scarf if you like.  It uses a DK weight yarn like Misti Alpaca, a soft Alpaca and silk blend.
This pattern can be found at AndersonsCreations on Etsy or on LoisLeigh's Creations on Craftsy.  You will find it on LoisLeigh Ravelry shop or use the "buy now" button on the right of the page.  European buyers can find it on LoveKnitting.
Would you like to make a matching fingerless pair of gloves using a DK weight yarn?  I used the same wonderfully warm and soft yarn of Alpaca and silk blend from Misti Alpaca.
This pattern is available for European Buyers at LoveKnitting.  You will find it in AndersonsCreations on Etsy or LoisLeigh's Creations on Craftsy.  Use the "buy now" button on the right or find this pattern LoisLeigh Ravelry shop.

What about the men in your life?  This is a cable pattern I designed as my husband wanted a pair of fingerless gloves that would keep his hand warm and still allow him to feel the wood he is sanding.
This pair is made with Worsted weight yarn that is Pima Cotton/tencel for easy washing and available for you at AndersonsCreations on Etsy. This Winter Tree cable fingerless gloves pattern works up quickly using Worsted weight yarn.  You will find this pattern at my Etsy shop or on LoisLeigh Creations on Craftsy.  European Buyers can find it at LoveKnitting or use the "buy now" button on the right.  If you are a Ravelry member, you will find the pattern at LoisLeigh Ravelry shop.

What about a sweater or shrug that adds glamour and grace to any outfit? I used the amazingly soft and warm Cascade's Venezia Sport which is Merino wool and silk blend. I have several sizes that are already for you at AndersonsCreations on Etsy.

Would you like to make this pattern using your own or Sport weight yarn?  The pattern is very versatile and can be made for different lengths and different sizes from small to 5 extra large.  It can be found at AndersonsCreations on Etsy along with all my knitting patterns.  You can also find it at on LoisLeigh's Creations on Craftsy.  The pattern is available for European Buyers on LoveKnitting or use the "buy now" button on the right.  Ravelry also has the pattern on LoisLeigh Creations on Ravelry

All my patterns have been tested by two other test knitters and comes with my e-mail address if you should have any questions.

I love knitting with quality and luxurious yarns and making them into Autumn accessories that help  others feel glorious wearing them.  What is your favorite type of accessory and what do you love about it?

Monday, June 13, 2016

newest bookmark thread crochet design - daffodil Fairy

I often get asked where my ideas come from for my various bookmarks.  This one came from my garden.  I was looking through my spring garden of daffodils.  I realized that the trumpet for the flower would make a fantastic shirt and the petals would work naturally into a skirt.  I had wanted to design a fairy bookmark for a while now and I saw exactly how I could do it.

She is available pre-made at my  Her head and flower can hang outside the book to remind the reader there is more story to come.  What a fantastic achievement award for anyone who loves to read.
One of the trickier parts of the pattern is how to make the flower petals.  Flower petals are usually worked down one side of a chain and then down the second side of the same chain.  When you start at the waist with the chain the end of the petal ends up at the opposite end of the chain then the waist.  I also needed a way for all the separate petals to be joined to each other.  I decided to use the front loop of the petal to slip stitch back to the waist.  I then worked another chain for a second petal and joined the two petals with a slip stitch in the unused back loop behind the slip stitches going down to the waist. 
I also needed to come up with wings.  There are so many possibilities.  I could have bought pre made wings but I wanted to make something in crochet.  I love how her wings came out using a variation of a rose leaf.
Of course I had a to design a daffodil cap to go with the curly hair underneath.  (I used Caron Simply yarn for the hair which is cropped close to the cap and unraveled which gives the hair its curl)
My pattern testers really enjoyed making this pattern which works up quickly.  One tester had never used thread to crochet with and she really loved making this.  I use a larger hook than is normally used to get the bookmarks to a "good" size and to encourage others not to be afraid to work with thread which I love working with.  My pattern for this bookmark can be found at LoisLeigh's Ravelry shop.  It is also available at  If you are from Canada or the European Union I now have the pattern available at Loveknitting shop (Lovecrochet shop)  Or you can use the buy now link at the left of this post.  This button will take you to your PayPal account.
I really love how she came out and I am going to be designing more fairy items.  There are so many ideas running through my head with out enough time to design them all.  I add them to a list and work on my present design.  I often get requests for characters to make into bookmarks.  So many good ideas but they need to be generic so that I don't run into copyright or trademark disputes.  Nature seems to be one of my primary design inspiration.
What do you think of my new design?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

new spring knit patterns to keep the chill out just in time for Mothers day

I love spring with all the flowers and new growing plants outside.  What may start out to be a glorious day outside, may cloud up and get chilly.  This is the time of year for sweaters, shrugs, capes or ponchos to keep the chill out.

I grew up in the Southwest and ponchos were my go to sweater to throw over any outfit.  Well, they are back in style.  My daughter, who loves hearts, suggested I design a poncho for this current trend.

This poncho is now available made for you using a wonderfully soft and warm Merino wool and silk yarn at my Etsy shop.  If you would like to make it yourself, I now have the pattern at my Ravelry store or for Canadian buyers it is available at LoveKnitting shop.  I should be available by the weekend in my Etsy shop. Or you can use the buy now button on the right.
This pattern works up quickly.  You will need 614 yards (562.m) of yarn to make this poncho and uses size US 11 - (8.0 mm) knitting needles which are oversized to add to the lacey affect of the poncho. 
This poncho is constructed differently than traditional ponchos.  It is made from two rectangular lace panels that are half as wide as they are long.  These two pieces are sewn together in such a way as to create the V-neck and the point at the bottom.
I also made a wonderful shrug that can be warn at night to add flair to any outfit.  I have it for sale at my Etsy shop in a variety of sizes.
If you like to knit and would like to make it for yourself using the colors and sizes just for you, it comes in size small all the way up to 5 extra large.  You can find the pattern at my Etsy shop, on my Ravelry shop or for European Union buyers I have the pattern on my LoveKnitting shop.
What a great gift for mother's who have trouble staying warm during the cool of the night or early morning sunshine.  I love to knit in the winter. 
Now that it is warming up it is time to get out my crochet hooks and work with cotton thread.