Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter knit patterns to help keep you warm outside.

This year, winter has really hung around.  With the cold hanging around the country we have burned more wood this year than in previous years.  I love to knit and crochet by the fire.  Lately, I am working on a new pattern for a shrug.  Here is a picture of the completed project.
It fits women's XS to Medium.  I made it with Merino wool and silk and it is the perfect accessory for adding warmth and flair to an outfit.  This link takes you to the completed shrug.  long shrug.  I am currently working on another for larger sized women in teal and grey.  The results are stunning and I am excited to get this listed in my shop.
Hopefully, I will have the pattern ready to be tested soon and it will be available in several sizes.  All my patterns are tested by at least two others and the knit patterns include charts.
A scarf is also needed in this weather.  Here is a design for anyone who is dreaming of flowers.
You can find it already made for you in my Etsy shop and I made it again with a wonderfully soft and  silky Moreno and silk wool.  long lacy iris scarf.
Here is another scarf that I designed using Suri baby alpaca and silk yarn.  I love how nice and warm this design keeps the wearer.

Of course I had to design some fingerless gloves to complete the set using the same yarn.

When I was designing the women's gloves my husband asked for something that he could wear so I had to design some fingerless gloves for him and other men.  I made a cable stitch that looks like a winter tree.

Stay warm and be sure to bundle up when venturing into the frozen out doors.
What do you like to do when it is too cold to go outside?