Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crochet art

Have you ever thought of creating a picture using crochet?  I have.  I created a couple of wall hanging patterns and a sun catcher that hangs in windows.  Crochet is such a fantastic medium to make three dimensional shapes. 
I do not have a green thumb but with crochet thread I can have roses blooming all year long.  I added a prism at the bottom which gives me rainbows on my walls all winter long. 

A couple of years ago I made a fantastic wall hanging that would add a Victorian flair to any decor.
Here I mixed yarn and thread.  The background snow and edging done around the inside of an embroidery hoop was done in Caron Simply soft yarn.  (I really like how this yarn feels when I am working with it.)  I wanted the snow and edging to look soft and not take away from the Victorian Carolers in the wall hanging.  I think the mixing of the two worked really well.

This past year I have been working on Nativity ornaments that are unbreakable for young hands (i.e grandchildren) to hold safely.  I decided to make a Nativity wall hanging. 
I used Caron Simply Soft again for the background which allows figures to stand out against the yarn background.  This nativity wall hanging pattern shows how to make each individual figure as an ornament for a tree, wreath or wall display.  It also includes a free star pattern that works up quickly and could be added to gift wrapping or as an ornament. The pattern gives options on either sewing the figures to the background, which makes them permanent to the background, or how to use the figures as tree ornaments and add them to the background on Christmas morning.

What do you think about crochet being made into wall art?  What would you like to see hanging on your wall?