Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cowardly lion

March is supposed to be the month that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  April here in Kansas has turned into the lion.  Last week there were close to 100 tornadoes in this state.  Luckily no one in Kansas was hurt.  We have a great weather warning system and I think everyone was in their shelter.  Here is a picture of a tornado headed straight for us.

Luckily, it swerved and missed us.  All this weather has gotten me back into making more reading character bookmarks using the Wizard of Oz books as inspiration.  I just finished making the Cowardly Lion.  I really like how he came out.

All my reading character bookmark pals are made to have the head hang outside the book.  It makes it so much easier to find the page that way.  The head is very three-dimensional.

His front legs and his badge of courage which he got from the wizard of Oz can also hang outside the book.

I think the one thing the cowardly lion teaches me it that courage does not mean that I don't feel fear.  Instead I face that fear (usually with a lot of prayer) and do what needs to be done to overcome the obstacle.  It has been my experience that the fear of something is always bigger than the actual obstacle. 

The cowardly lion is now available at cowardly lion bookmark What a fun gift for any reader or graduate.

I am now starting on the tin man while I wait for this pattern to be tested so that other people who love to crochet as much as I do can make their own.

How is your April going?