Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Treasures of the Sea wrap

I have been really inspired by the hyperbolic crochet coral reefs that are being made around the world.  The work and colors are truely amazing and I decided to make a tiered wrap using some of these elements.

I started the wrap with a cream sea floor with little pearls scattered across.  I used a simple popcorn stitch which is just 5 double crochet in one stitch.  The hook is then removed, placed into the 1st of the 5 double crochet and then inserted back into the last lp.  These two are slip stitched together.

Next I wanted seaweed coming up from the floor.  After looking for different leaves that would look like seaweed. I came across the new crocodile stitch.  This piece is made separately and then attached to the sea floor.  It is a fairly easy stitch but I thought I would show how I made it as I made it a little different to suit the look I was going for.

Working off a foundation chain, I triple crocheted in the 4th chain from the hook.  Usually this stitch is done using double crochets across this row but I wanted a longer leaf.  Then I chained 1, skipped 2 chains, and made 2 triple crochet in next chain.  This pattern is continued across the foundation chain. Now here come the tricky part.

Instead of turning the piece over to work the next row, I rotated the piece 90 degrees and work back over the row of triple crochet groups of the last row on the same side.  Chain 2 and working over the 1st side post of the last triple crochet I worked 8 double crochet over the post.  Usually when doing this stitch on a double crochet, 5 double crochet are worked over this post.
Now add a chain 1, rotate the piece 180 degrees and work 8 dc down 2nd side post of 2-tr group.  This is the first leaf.

Now slip stitch in between the next 2 triple crochet group.

Continue working this pattern across the entire row.  At the end of the row chain 4 and triple crochet in the 4th chain from hook to set up for the next row. Chain 1 and work 2 triple crochets in center of next seaweed leaf of last row. Ch 1 and work 2 triple crochets in between next 2 leafs of last row.  Work this pattern across and at the end chain 2, and again rotate the piece 90 degrees. 
 Working this row in side posts of 2-triple crochet group of the previous row,  make 8 double crochets up 1st triple crochet side post,. Chain 1, rotate the piece180 degrees and work 8 double crochets down 2nd side post of 2-triple crochet group.  Slip stitched in-between next 2-triple crochet groups. Work 8 double crochets up next 2-triple crochet group side post.  To secure the leaves down, slip stitch in back loop of the 3rd double crochets on 2 leaves the previous leaf section (see picture below). Then chain 1, rotate the piece 180 degrees and work 8 dc down 2nd side post of 2 tr group.  Work this pattern across.
Now I had my seaweed section which is attached to the sea floor.

The next layer is a sea shell layer and the final layer is the coral layer section.  Since this wrap does not work to tie to stay in place I created this darling sea horse pin to hold the wrap in place.

I know it is late in the season for wraps but sometimes when the inspiration hits, I just have to make it now.  I really like how it turned out.  What do you think?

The pattern comes in two sizes.  Here is the picture of the longer scarf in a different set of colors.