Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pine Trees and Cones Lace Scarf

I have finished my Pine Trees and Lace Scarf.  I am really happy with the result.
Pine Trees always represent safety to me.  Growing up in Colorado where pine trees are plentiful they have always represented safety from the elements to me.  Sitting under a pine tree in a summer storm will keep you perfectly dry.  You will notice all sorts of birds and small animals use them during this time also.  Living on the plains, as I do now I miss all those pines so I decided to commemorate them with this design.

In designing this pattern, I found that the normal center decrease did not stand out like I wanted the center truck to stand out so I made it a bit thicker using some different center decreases.  I also modified a pine cone pattern quite a bit to come up with the pine cone I am using.
What do you think of this design?