Thursday, March 31, 2016

New crochet pillow top pattern

I have just finished a new crochet pillow pattern that features Raggedy Ann on one side and Raggedy Andy on the other side.  It took a long time to design this pattern but it was totally worth it.  My pattern testers really enjoyed making this one. 

This pattern is now available on my Ravelry store, at my lovecrochet store for  Canadian and European Union readers and in my etsy shop.  If you don't love to crochet but would like to purchase the pillow, it is available here.

The pillow is based on my Raggedy Ann bookmark.  She is made out of thread and it really a quick crochet project for anyone who loves Raggedy Ann.  The pattern is available on here on Ravelry or at my Etsy shop in the left side section called crochet patterns.  If you don't like to crochet in thread and love the bookmark, you can purchase it here

The back side of the pillow was based on my Raggedy Andy bookmark.  This thread crochet bookmark pattern is available at my Ravelry shop, at lovecrochet shop or on etsy.  Would you like this bookmark already made for you?  It is available here.

I used a spike stitch to add interest to the background of the pillow.  Spike stitches are fun and easy to make.  I used half double crochet in groups of 3 with a chain one to separate them. The middle hdc is made in the chain one space in the double crochet row below.

I used a love knot stitch to make both Raggedy Ann and Andy's hair.  All my patterns are tested by at least 2 other people and the feedback I have gotten from them is that it is a fun and well written pattern to make.  I use picture tutorials on stitches that might be new to a maker.  The pattern is rated for ambitious beginners who like would like to learn new stitches.
This pillow will really add a new flair to your home décor or nursery décor.  The twelve inch motifs could easily make a wonderful baby blanket for new arrivals by joining to squares together in whatever size you would want to make the baby quilt.

Pillows are such an easy and great way to freshen the home or nursery décor and work up really quickly.