Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Passionate about Pine Trees

As I mentioned before, I love Pine trees.  I think my love of them came when I was going to college in Flagstaff, Arizona at Northern Arizona University.  It was, at the time, a small mountain town.  Outside my dorm was a small piece of the Ponderosa Pine forest that surrounded the community.  Every morning, weather permitting, I would go out and sit under a Pine tree to have devotions before my day started.  I also brought a handful of sunflower seeds to put on a stump that was not far from the tree I used.

I would lean against this wonderfuly tall tree and smell the sweet smell that this tree puts off.  I would notice the soft carpet of needles that I was sitting on.  I would watch the little ground squirrel, that had come to expect that little handful of seeds, stuff his mouth and run off to return for more.  I would see birds perch on the tree I was sitting under and get a close up view.  If a mountain shower would come, I and the birds would stay dry under that tree.  I was amazed at the beauty that God had created in this little area.

I now live in rural Kansas and I miss those wonderful pine trees.  I decided to make something to commerate that love and came up with the Pine Trees and Cones Scarf.  I also decided to make a fingerless glove to match that scarf. 
I thank the Lord that he gave me this time in the mountains.  When I am really stressed today, I have learned to find a room that is quiet, close my eyes, remember the sights and smells and talk to God about my stresses under the Ponderosa Pines in my mind.

What wonders of nature do you have that helps you know God's love?